About Togami and Twogami

This will probably be a really long post and I am writing this in the middle of the night but yeah

Be aware that I will always be referring to DR1 Togami as “Togami” and SDR2 Togami as “Twogami”.


So sadly I can’t use any pictures but I’ll get my points across.

First of all, yes, Twogami is NOT Togami, but in fact the SHSL Impostor, and you should know that if you are reading this. It was actually pretty obvious for reasons I’ll explain later, but for now, have this quote I pulled from orenronens translation of SDR2:

Twogami (upon seeing Monobear)What… is going on? Who’s this new stuffed toy?

Obviously, he doesn’t know Monobear. That’s because he never met him before. This sentence also proves that he has no knowledge of the things that transpired in Dangan Ronpa 1, and leads me to my next point: At some point before the party, Twogami says something very interesting:

Twogami: There are things in my past I can’t tell anyone about… They are the reason I became so prone to suspicion.

There were people I couldn’t trust… and people who couldn’t trust me. My life was like a nightmare…

It is only natural my personality would be affected.

Interesting, considering how Togami never gave a single fuck about trust or anything like that, and considered the whole thing a “game”. 

This quote above combined with the assumption we made above about how Twogami doesn’t know jack about the DR1 case… Do you realize it? It might sound like he is talking about the DR1 case up there, but he isn’t, since he doesn’t know about it. The “past” he is referring to is his true past.

Now, I honestly have read every scrap of translated info on Twogami I could get my grabby hands on and I’ve never once seen this theory before. Here goes. My headcanon: Twogami is Togami’s brother.

Let me now explain what led me to this theory.

First of all, what we know about the Togami family from Togamis 5th Free Time Event:

Togami: The head of the Togami family does not have a single, dedicated wife. Instead, he has many, many children with the highest quality women from all across the world. All of the potential successors are then made to compete against one another, and the victor… is named heir of the Togami Group.

This victor is obviously our good friend Togami. But what about the siblings?

Togami: They were killed.


Togami: Not killed in the physical sense of the word. They were simply exiled. Though exile is pretty much the same as death. They’re now no better than the rest of you failures.

There we go. The other 14 kids were all exiled, meaning they now have no identity, name, family, heritage, NOTHING. Sound familiar?

Hell yeah it does, because that’s exactly fitting for our SHSL Impostor!

Twogami can only exist by pretending to be someone else, because he has no identity of his own. A family like the Togami family is easily powerful enough to do this to him.

It also explains why he chooses to impersonate Byakuya Togami of all people. It is probably not easy to be the impostor of one of the most powerful men alive.

Now, flashback to how he said:

Twogami: There are things in my past I can’t tell anyone about… They are the reason I became so prone to suspicion.

There were people I couldn’t trust… and people who couldn’t trust me. My life was like a nightmare…

It is only natural my personality would be affected.

(shut up, quotes make essays more believable)

He is referring to this fight between the siblings that Togami mentioned before. Of course his life was like a nightmare! He had to fight against Togami after all.

One more quote, from Twogamis Free Time Event:

Twogami: Even I… was once powerless. But now… now is different.

Throw away your past self. It means nothing.

Powerless…? What is he talking about? Was there really a time when Togami was powerless?

Of course there was such a time. How about “when he lost to Togami Byakuya in the fight for the Togami throne?”. He lost all he had, his family, his promising future, his trust in people, his name, his identity. He had nothing.

The fact that he is so proud of his body mass and likes meat and high-class food so much is probably because: Once he lost the luxury he had as a child, he started to realize how much these things meant to him and stopped taking them for granted. Now that he is impersonating Togami, he has no problems aquiring these things, and he is proud of that.

Let me go on about the true Twogami. Admittedly, we don’t know much about him, and I write the following part in the mindset of “Twogami is Togami’s brother”. Let’s just assume it for a little while.

Twogami tries very hard to impersonate Togami. He uses figures of speech that Togami used in the first game (though this is mostly to make readers think that he is the same person) and emulates his high-class demeanor and arrogance. But under that mask, you can easily tell what kind of person he is from little hints.

Compared with Togami, Twogami is more of a “respected leader” person. He sympathizes easily with the people around him, for example, ordering everyone to leave Kuzuryuu alone because “that’s just the kind of person he is”. 

How much his arrogant/cold hearted facade is crumbling is very obvious in the following conversation:

Twogami: So, do you still not remember? Do you have any inkling what your talent might be?

Hinata: Um… Not yet…

Twogami: I see. Nevertheless, do not lose heart.

Hinata: Eh?

Twogami: …What’s with that face?

Hinata: No, I just thought you’d be angry again…

Twogami:  Feh, how tactless of you. You thought I’d get angry over something as trifling as that?

Of course, the real Togami would totally get angry about that. He’d call Hinata a weakling, a useless failure with no future or hope whatsoever. But Twogami is different, and that’s why it is so hard for him to maintain that heartless attitude. He has a lot of empathy, and wants to save everyone around him (as opposed to Togami, who doesn’t care about anyone and just wants to win and maybe have some fun along the ride). These feelings of caring and worrying about his friends (complete strangers, even) make it so hard for him to put up the Togami act. In fact, he is even a little hurt whenever Hinata or anyone assumes that he is coldhearted or mean. “Feh, how tactless”.

Hinata has a lot of thoughts like this. His thoughts are exactly the same ones Naegi had back in DR1. “Togami sure is arrogant, how befitting for the SHSL Heir” etc, etc. He completely misunderstands Twogami’s intentions. Whenever Twogami realizes he is slipping out of character, he makes rash, tough decisions to establish his position as a leader again. 

Have another quote:

Twogami:  All I ask is that you do your best to stay out of my way. Simpletons should know their place and act responsibly.

Twogami: …………….

Twogami: But… if you’re troubled by anything, I won’t mind if you come to me.

What a cutie, right? He said this at the end of a Free Time Event. He turns to leave after the first part, but hesitates, can’t bring himself to leave after saying something so cold, and adds the last part. He is genuinely too worried about Hinata’s troubles to keep up his SHSL Impostor facade. And if you don’t think that’s the cutest shit then get out of my face etc.

Twogami is influenced by three basic things: Sympathy for others, His Past, Food. I am not aiming for comic relief with this, he just really loves food. His past motivates him to become a very good Impostor, possibly to maintain his current life standard or even to take back the throne of the Togami family, but his sympathy is way too strong for that. His strong feelings for others and sense for their troubles is probably one of the reasons he didn’t win in the fight for the Togami Conglomerate.

Now, if you would direct your attention to this fine piece of conversation:

Twogami:  Even without your memories, you are still yourself, are you not? You can still live your own life. (((((unlike me)))))

That is enough. Simply being yourself is enough.

No Twogami. It isn’t enough. It was never enough for you.

And this concludes my headcanon essay slash unnecessarily long rambling about Twogami.

Tell ‘em, Hinata!

Saying that, Togami gallantly left the area.
He may be incredibly pompous, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy…

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